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Encuentro Kitchen is now open to local independent producers


Encuentro Artesanal is a shared kitchen based in Valle de Guadalupe. Helping local independent producers get their products out there and be part of Guadalupe's growth. View our products and feel free to get in touch.

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This is what we do

And we simply love it

Food is Culture

There is no better way to know a place than to taste its food. Encuentro's Antiresort aims to practice Slow Food's Good/ Clean/ Fair Food principles, local ingredients and local independent producers rise!

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Start with Good

Valle de Guadalupe is the epicenter of the Baja Food revolution, so we start with farm-to-table local recipes. Encuentro opens its doors to whoever has a tasty recipe and wants to work hard to make it big.

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Lets Cook

Encuentro Guadalupe's Kitchen is shared to hardworking entrepreneurs, along with guidelines to prepare food in a safe way. Packaging materials are purchased in bulk in a cooperative way ensuring efficiencies found only in large corporate structures.

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Encuentro's founders actively seek for stores, restaurants and other channels that value fairly traded goods. The goal is to create an international network of distribuitors that efficiently move the products.

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Quality first

Every product bearing the Encuentro Artesanal label is rigorously inspected to meet the stardards that baja food lovers expect. Quality over quantity

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Give back

Encuentro Antiresorts™ thru its Foundation + Rancho Sordo Mudo are making sure that the future of Valle de Guadalupe is as diverse as it ensures it's sustainability. Every product buys a scolarship for one day to a deaf children.

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This is what we do

Created with quality ingredients & passion

An inclusive business model for a brighter future

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We love food as much as we love nature

We are obsessive about the origin of each of the ingredients we use, the recipes and the stories behind them. Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

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Thanks for visiting our virtual kitchen! We're friendly people who love to spend time creating and developing new concepts to make the world a little bit better.

If you'd like to visit us to take a look in our vineyard, winery and gardens, just get in touch. We'll make sure the wine, (or coffee) is chilled and the sangria's are fresh!




Erick is the guy who started VinĂ­cola Encuentro. He can make the best Sangria while driving his Vespa scooter and he once climbed the Mount Everest with his dog Bono.




Our top in-house wine-artist is Alex. While not pruning the vines, he likes to cook and cycling around the vineyards. Alex also likes to watch thrillers and comedies.




Irving is the one who turns fresh herbs into elixirs with his mixing skills. He loves to play pool and driving his '68 Beetle in the weekends.


Mimi Dodgers

Video- & Photographer

Shooting video's and photo's is what Mimi does best. While she's not working with camera's and lenses, she's probably running or playing soccer.



Security Guard

This is Sparky. Our 7 year old in-house guard. He's the one who barks when our clients don't want to pay. Just kidding, he's a good dog.




We're currently looking for a fulltime photographer to work with us. Please send us your motivation and a link to your portfolio to

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
8.30 am - 8.30 pm

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